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Program Details



To recognize, support, and develop young professionals in the cleaning industry in support of the wholesaling distribution channel and the manufacturers serving this channel, providing the Candidate(s) with the opportunity to network, learn, and grow both personally and professionally.

Sponsorship Offer:

SSWA will assume payment for the Delegate Fee, Hotel Accommodations, and Travel/Air Fare expense to attend the SSWA Executive Conference for up to two (2) member candidates meeting the necessary criteria.

Eligible Criteria:

  • Company must be an SSWA member in good standing.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must be working in the sanitary industry for a minimum of 2 years and has never attended an SSWA Conference in the past.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must have a sponsor/mentor within their member company who will, at their own expense, attend the SSWA Executive Conference as a Delegate along with the Candidate, and who will help guide and introduce the Candidate to SSWA members and activities.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must be under 35 years of age.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must complete the Application, include their current Resumé, and submit a video (prox 5 minutes) in which they will promote themselves and their experiences, address their current and future goals, and describe why they believe attending the SSWA Executive Conference will help them achieve these goals.
  • Sponsor/Mentor of the member company must nominate and submit a letter of recommendation for their Future Leaders Candidate.
  • Complete Application Package (including Application, Resumé, Video, and Letter of Recommendation) must be submitted to the SSWA Future Leaders Committee prior to June 1, 2024.


The SSWA Future Leaders Committee will review all application packages submitted and will select up to two (2) individuals as Future Leaders who will receive the Sponsorships.

Selected Future Leaders will receive:

  • Delegate fees and travel/hotel room expense will be covered for attending the Executive Conference ($5,000 value).
  • Future Leaders will be provided an introduction during the Executive Conference to address the attendees and talk about their experience as a younger professional in this industry, and what they believe is required to attract more young professionals into this industry.
  • One-on-one Mentor Sessions with leaders within SSWA at the Executive Conference.
  • The Candidate may bring their spouse/guest to the Executive Conference with them for the standard $550 fee and covering their own transportation costs. Spouse/guest will be able to participate in all receptions, meals, and spouse/guest activities programs ($1,500 value).




To be considered for this award, submit all items of the application in one packet via email, to by June 1st. Applications that are not received by June 1st will not be considered for the current year Sponsorship awards.


Qualifying Criteria:

  • Company must be an SSWA member in good standing.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must be currently employed in the sanitary supply industry with a minimum of 2 years working experience in this industry, and has never attended an SSWA Conference in the past.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must have a sponsor/mentor within their member company who will attend, at their own expense, the SSWA Executive Conference with them, and who will help guide and introduce the Candidate to SSWA members and activities.
  • Future Leaders Candidate must be under the age of 35.

Materials to be furnished by the Candidate:

  1. Completed Application form.
  2. Video of introduction to include your background, experience, goals, and what you hope to achieve in attending the SSWA Executive Conference (prox 5 minutes in length).
  3. Updated resumé.
  4. Letter of nomination and recommendation by your Company Sponsor/Mentor.


Download the Application

SSWA Future Leaders Application

SUBMIT by June 1st to :


  • Application
  • Resumé
  • Sponsor/Mentor Letter
  • Introductory Video
Download the Application

SSWA History

SSWA was founded in 1980 by a small group of Wholesalers and Manufacturers in the sanitary supply industry. At the time, Wholesalers were classified as Distributors in ISSA and few manufacturers or distributors in jan-san understood the unique role of wholesaling in the distribution process. The association founders sought to promote awareness of wholesaling benefits to Distributors by offering:

  • Faster Inventory Turns
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • More Frequent Deliveries
  • Efficiency of 1 Order, 1 Delivery, 1 Invoice for multiple manufacturers
  • Higher Service Levels
  • Improved Fill-Rate Economics

Additionally, benefits to Manufacturers include:

  • Outsourced Management of small, high-cost-to-serve customers
  • Access to New Customers who are otherwise difficult to reach and serve
  • Reduced Credit Risk
  • Simplified Logistics
  • Additional Sales Support and Training
  • Accelerated Sampling Response

With SSWA’s efforts, ISSA recognized the wholesaling role in the distribution channel in 1988 and established Wholesalers/Master Distributors as a unique category within their membership.

Throughout the years, SSWA has continued to advance awareness and wholesaling through partnerships between Distributors, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers, and their common goals. As stated simply in the original tenets:

“The Sanitary Supply Wholesaler provides efficient distribution for the manufacturer and greater profits through improved cash flow for the distributor.”

Publications include:

  • Guidelines for Manufacturers and Manufacturers’ Representatives on best practices for doing business with wholesalers
  • “Understanding Jan-San Re-Distribution: A guide for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers in the Sanitary Supply Industry” – the first manual specifically written for Wholesaling in the Jan-San industry

How Does Wholesaler Redistribution Work?

To the uninitiated, redistribution via a wholesaler would appear to be an unnecessary “extra step” in the Jan-San supply chain, shoehorned between manufacturers and their distributor customers.

But just as the Jan-San distributor provides a broad range of products to the end-user, the Jan-San wholesaler can simplify and streamline the supply chain between manufacturers and distributors.  The wholesaler does this by purchasing large quantities from multiple manufacturers, consolidating the products in his warehouse, and providing just the right mix of products to his distributor customers.


Understanding Jan-San Redistribution:


To find out more read and/or download:

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