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distributor, however, wholesalers strictly avoid selling to end-users, as this would be akin to competing
                 with their customers.

                 And unlike a forward warehouse, wholesalers order, receive, and pay for products from manufacturers,
                 then handle the order management, fulfillment, and billing functions for a set of distributor customers.

                 The most sophisticated wholesalers complete the cycle by reporting, in detail, their sales data back to the
                 manufacturer. This step allows manufacturers to incorporate sales data into their internal systems, allowing
                 seamless sales reporting, program management, and commission payments to sales rep agencies.

                 In return for these services, manufacturers generally pay an allowance to their wholesalers, which reflects
                 the manufacturer’s cost avoidance and other factors which will be discussed in great detail in the coming

                                       The Jan-San Supply Chain WITHOUT Wholesaler Redistribution
                      Manufacturers                                   Distributors      End-Users

                                         The Jan-San Supply Chain WITH Wholesaler Redistribution
                      Manufacturers          Wholesaler               Distributors      End-Users

                 Note the reduction in less-than-truckload freight (  ) for the manufacturer, and the increase in
                 truckload freight (   ).
                 Note also the overall reduction in outbound shipments for the manufacturers, and inbound shipments
                 for the distributors.

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