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The Sanitary Supply Wholesaling Association has been a leading professional association for wholesalers and manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance products since 1980.
Pictured below are previous winners of the Stanley E. Friedman Award of Merit. 
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2013 - Gordon Eanes
2012 - Ron Underwood 
2008 - Herman Miron 
2006 - Steve Moser 
2005 - David W. Brown 
2003 - David Holtzman
1999 - Ted Moon
1997 - Tom Vettel
1995 - Gene Head
1994 - Pete Lederer
1992 - James Powers
1990 - Mickey Friedman
1989 - Stan Friedman

SSWA wholesalers are the 
economical alternative to rising
fuel charges and minimum orders!

Jeffrey M. Heeren
Vice President,
R.J. Schinner Co.
SSWA President 2013-2014
  "Please join us at the next SSWA Executive Conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado - June 23-26, 2014! SSWA is setting the pace for transitional learning, continuous improvement, and growth of wholesaling in the jan-san industry.

"I invite all manufacturers and wholesalers in the sanitary supply industry to GET More by being a part of the SSWA network of industry insiders focused on the strategic concepts and tactical solutions to efficiently and profitably compete in the future of wholesaling."

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